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Bid your Way to more Projects with Stunning Proposals that Seal the Deal

A simple proposal builder for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

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Create Proposals that do all the Talking !

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Proposal Setup Wizard

Just drag and drop to create impressive proposals .

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For on-the-go people

Create proposals on your phone from anywhere.

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Track Performance

Dive deeper on performance insights that matter.

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Why look elsewhere when you have one tool for your entire Proposal workflow ?

From building your proposal online to signing off, Yakkadraft brings your team together to create proposals, contracts, quotations that win.

Create Your Proposal
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Get the Competitive Edge with yakkadraft

Replace static PDFs and default templates that word processors offer. yakkadraft gives you a straightforward proposal builder that’s visually appealing, deployable as a unique link and doesn’t require any coding or graphic designing experts.

Build world-class proposals easily in no time and let your sales team focus on getting their numbers right. It’s that simple!

Create Your Proposal

Content Management that Scales

Bring the A-to-Z of your sales collateral to your Yakkadraft library.

Add essential product/services, company details and client information, ready to be incorporated into your proposal at a click.

Import your branding easily so that your selling quote reflects 'you', while resonating with your prospects.

With Yakkadraft, discover a hassle-free proposal management software that lets you incorporate the wow factor into winning sales quotations.

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Digitally Sign-off Winning Ballpark Figures

Streamline your proposal workflow pipeline by bringing the entire decision makers onboard. Assign relevant access levels and permissions to determine users who can view team proposals, suggest edits and ultimately sign off.

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Integrate e-signatures, embrace automation and say goodbye to clunky PDFs that require you to toggle between multiple tools.

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Build Proposals that are too Good to Turn Down

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Your Brand, Your Words, A proposal builder that’s all about YOU!

Get Started

Create multiple proposals and track their journey simultaneously.

Get Started

Hundreds of templates, unlimited possibilities ready at a click!

Get Started

Instant proposals, less closing time for the fast-paced sales world.

Step 01

Set up your account

Step 02

Choose a template

Step 03

Drag and drop elements

Step 04

E-sign and send

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How To Write A Professional Quote?

In today’s business world, do you think selling without a quote is possible? If it’s a YES, then your prospect might really be interested in you, the product, or the service. And they won’t bother to look at the price and would be hesitant in losing you. Admit it, there doesn’t exist a prospect who wouldn’t ever negotiate on the price.

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How To Write A Marketing Proposal?

A marketer is a crucial member of the organization who not only generates revenue for the brand but also undergoes the hassle of creating marketing promotion proposals. And to top it off, there can be consecutive days of ‘NOs.’ When you get a confirmation for your proposal and the client wants to avail your services, you realize that it’s just not the client you might have wanted to work with.

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How to write a winning sales proposal?

Sales proposals - can't live with them, can't live without them. As a salesperson, you may either love them or hate them, but you can't ignore them. And while writing sales proposals could seem like an arduous task, they are one of the most critical tools in your salesman toolbox.

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How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?

The most crucial aspect of any salesperson’s life is time management because they not only make calls or visits to convert leads but also are responsible to send proposals, create quotes, follow-up, onboard, and finally close deals. Great leadership needs a balance of both reactive pivots and proactive outreach, and having both is necessary for your internal revenue objectives.

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What Is Quote to Cash software and What Are The Benefits?

As sales processes become more complex these days, the sales cycle grows longer with representatives spending 35 percent less in actively selling. This elongation in process not only leads to lesser selling and less revenue generation, but also affects the morale of your sales team. 

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10 Must-Have Elements In A Sales Proposal

In a world where selling is considered an art, sales proposal is the heart and soul of the deal. Sales proposals are not just contracts, in fact, they summarize a lot about the prospect’s problems, outline of approach, and ways to provide solutions. So, when you are approaching any hot leads, carefully plan and write your sales proposals using the best tool at your disposal. 

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