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How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?
How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?
How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?
How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?
How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?
How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?

How To Reduce Your Time In Creating A Business Proposal?

The most crucial aspect of any salesperson’s life is time management because they not only make calls or visits to convert leads but also are responsible to send proposals, create quotes, follow-up, onboard, and finally close deals.

Great leadership needs a balance of both reactive pivots and proactive outreach, and having both is necessary for your internal revenue objectives. Pitching in a highly competitive industry requires you to be proactive, focussed, diligent in follow-ups, and drive sales.

Proactively creating proposals is another key aspect of your sales funnel. It’s one of those tasks that every salesperson knows about, but lacks the interest to create and convert these proposals effectively. Proposals are an important part of the business, without which closing a deal is impossible.

Proposals are a critical tool in generating revenue, and yet they are overlooked, created inefficiently, and not given importance. But this practice needs to change, and an efficient process of assembling proposals must be introduced. The faster proposal creation process directly correlates with a higher, faster acceptance rate, thus helping you win more.

So, now the only question remains unanswered ‘How do you create proposals faster?’

We answer the question for you right in this blog.

Use pre-built templates

Pre-built templates are a great way of starting to create professional proposals in a time-efficient manner. Pre-built templates help you create structured proposals and edit them in your own words.

When you Google search for multiple templates regarding your business proposals, you will get a thousand different options, but are you sure of which template will work the best for you? And moreover, every time you create business proposals, you have to edit the template from scratch. Pre-built templates come as a blessing for all salespeople, as you don’t have to do that Google search to find your business template and you can edit the already existing templates at places that are required.

Starting with pre-built templates will help you save time in designing the proposal. The templates are well-designed so that you don’t need a designer’s intervention, plus the content is provided as per the proposal types. You can easily change the font, brand colors, image, and video in the editor as per your requirements and send the proposals without much hassle. But you can do all of this only when you have a proposal software.

Create your own templates

If you have previously created a proposal template, you can always edit the template and send it across to your prospects. But this process becomes laborious when you have a team working on the same template, because you will not be able to track the changes made, thus creating chaos.

With a proposal software like Yakkadraft, you can avoid this messy situation and take advantage to create your library of templates. You can store your proposals, reuse the proposals, and track changes to the proposals.

With proposal software, you can also save the frequently used content within an individual block like the terms and conditions, pricing, and contact us sections. This way you don’t have to copy and paste this content every time you create a business proposal. And your team members can also use the content block, thus simplifying the process of creating business proposals.

Automation with CRM integration

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of using pre-built templates, your sales team might be happy already. You might save time in creating business proposals, but when your entire team sends a bunch of proposals every day, don’t you think it will be difficult to keep a track of all your prospects and the proposal sent?

This is where you need to integrate your CRM.

It is likely that you will already have details about your prospect saved in a CRM, and with Yakkadraft you will be able to integrate your CRM to the proposal builder. This way you can pull prospect’s records, fill the proposal with relevant information, and save your team massive time.


Yakkadraft is a proposal software that auto-generates business proposals, case studies, brochures, and more. All you need to do is edit some information from the selected template, attach a few files, change the design, and send it across to your prospect.

With the above-mentioned three ways, you can drastically reduce your time to create business proposals, thus utilizing your energy to prospect more and close deals faster.

Get started right away with yakkadraft business proposal software and start creating more proposals effectively.

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